Addicted…….to online shopping!?

Aight so I made my first bank account like a week ago and its chase bank. So 3days ago the bank debit card came in the mail, and since I’ve never done any online shopping I thought “Oh cool my first card Let me buy something stupid online” so I went to the WongFu Production store ( They got dope stuff check em out) and bought one of those key chain things…..when I finished I hit “enter” and just like that I was done. then I thought “holyshit that was easy and mad quick” and ever since then I’ve been shopping for random shit and when I say random I mean COMPLETELY FUCKING RANDOM. I bought shit like book socks and this cool pencil holder box and hats, and shirts. Like wtf I dont need those shits, well maybe the hats but still WTF. I cant fucking stop. I came home from school at 11am today, and I’ve sitting here on my ass shopping all day. I’m still looking for websites where they sell good stuff. I’m about to freaking lock this card away.